Passionate about Healthcare

  • We are in this industry because we believe and care about what it can achieve for Global Health
  • We see that the ultimate value of our work is in its benefit to patients


  • We focus on ‘depth’ in our thinking and evaluations
  • We always ask ourselves the next question
  • We utilise commerce and science in our analysis


  • We aim to get to the commercial heart of any issue
  • We aim to discern the true nature of a given situation
  • We believe that value comes from unlocking hidden insights – which, in turn, create competitive advantage
  • We do not repeat industry knowns

Committed to Excellence

  • We are driven and set extremely high standards for our work
  • We never ‘make do’

Knowledgeable and Experienced

  • We are industry people
  • We monitor the Healthcare sectors to ensure that we provide a strong repository of knowledge for our clients
  • We seek to add value, even at proposal stage
  • We hit the ground running


  • We believe in substance over form
  • We treat any issues that are brought to us as our own
  • We are pragmatic in developing solutions with our clients
  • We aim to be jargon-free


  • We are accountable, professional and have clear business ethics
  • We are ‘there’ for our clients