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Our Methods

Our capabilities have been developed specifically to deliver commercial insight. Whilst methods vary according to the assignment, typically the evaluation process involves five key stages:

Proposal Development

This encompasses:

  • Exchange of preliminary information under confidentiality
  • Definition of the issue to be evaluated and decision to be made
  • Discussion and agreement on the appropriate methodologies
  • Production of a document outlining project objectives, deliverables, methodologies, timings and costings

Information Exchange

  • Following approval of the project, Globe seeks to ensure that all relevant information pertinent to the project is collected from the client. This serves as the baseline from which Globe must “add value”
  • This may involve:
    • Developing a checklist of data requirements for electronic transfer
    • Interviewing client teams to ascertain information, gain opinions on strategy and/or project expectations

Secondary Analysis

  • A wide range of secondary information sources, encompassing in-house and external databases as well as available materials from the client are then used to develop insights. This is known as “secondary analysis” or “desk research”
  • In order to do this, the company has highly developed information systems in place which allow the analyst team to identify and access critical data in an efficient and cost effective manner
  • Proprietary processes are then used to ensure that data is structured and analysed in such a way as to effectively establish the key issues
  • Globe’s philosophy is to seek to maximise value from secondary analysis such that only the essential issues are taken to the primary research phase

Primary Research

  • Globe utilises semi-structured depth telephone interviews with relevant clinicians / key opinion leaders (KOLs) to provide insight into key issues
  • A dedicated team identify and access these physicians according to project needs
  • Meanwhile, the market research itself is conducted in-house by the Globe team, which ensures consistency in the outputs and enables the insight gained from the secondary analysis to be optimally integrated into the interviews conducted

Interpretation and Development of Conclusions

  • Last but not least, Globe places a premium on the interpretation of the information found – leveraging industry knowledge and experience – to draw conclusions and actionable recommendations