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Defining our Strengths

Based on feedback from its clients, Globe defines its key strengths in a number of ways:

Depth of Insight

  • Globe develops strongly evidence-based assessments, appropriately framed to facilitate strategic decision-making. Internal processes therefore involve a rigorous system for collection, interrogation and presentation of data
  • The company believes that it is this 'deep' analysis that unlocks hidden insights for clients – which in turn creates competitive advantage

Cohesive Integration of Secondary Analysis & In-house Market Research

  • The company blends rigorous secondary analysis and its own in-house market research capabilities to distil key issues. See Our Capabilities
  • Indeed, through thoughtful integration of these elements, Globe believes that there is enormous power to develop insight

Interpretation by 'Industry People'

  • Strong interpretation skills are crucial to the shaping of conclusions and recommendations. Globe therefore leverages the deep industry expertise of its Project Leaders. See Our People
  • The company also proactively identifies and tracks new developments and issues within healthcare sectors to ensure that the latest thinking on the macro-environment is incorporated into its project work. See Our Capabilities