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The pharmaceutical sector remains the dominant segment of the healthcare market in terms of its overall value and strategic importance, but it is also undergoing a dynamic change:

  • The area of prescription medicines has expanded to encompass an increasingly diverse array of modalities including biologics (MAbs, Proteins / Peptides, siRNA) as well as vaccines
  • The number of companies operating in this space has been swelled by the range of biotechs emerging across geographies
  • The consolidation in the purchasing power of healthcare providers has placed increasing pressure on the prices of prescription medicines
  • The clinical and regulatory hurdles for new drugs have become increasingly challenging
  • Companies have been modifying their R&D strategies to improve productivity, through capturing the benefits of technological advances and encouraging innovation
  • The geographic scope of the sector has expanded with the rise of emerging markets

Companies operating in this space therefore face a number of challenges, and arguably understanding their commercial environment has become increasingly important. Commercial insight can guide R&D investment to the areas with highest unmet need, where new medicines can offer the greatest benefit to patients. It is also critical in ensuring that these new products can offer a competitive proposition, which will be valued by both physicians and payors. In addition, commercial knowledge is key in an environment where partnering has become critical to success.

Globe provides commercial evaluation and information to the Pharma industry to support strategic decision-making across the value chain (see Our Services).