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Product Evaluations

Globe offers a wide range of bespoke commercial evaluation services surrounding the development of Product Strategy. These are designed around clients’ individual needs.

Examples of common services are:

Commercial Evaluation of Pipeline Products
  • Globe has worked extensively with its clients to assist in the commercial evaluation of pipeline candidates. This work has supported portfolio prioritisation activities, funding rounds and licensing activities
  • A broad review of secondary sources, coupled with very targeted interviews with relevant physicians, are combined to provide an assessment of:
    • The strength of the product proposition
    • The attractiveness of the target market
  • The output is a clear evaluation of the product's commercial potential, and key underlying risks
  • A consistent approach is applied to this analysis, to assist in cross-comparison, and therefore prioritisation
Evaluation of In-licensing Opportunities
  • Globe provides a fast and pragmatic approach to evaluating the commercial potential of
    in-licensing or partnering opportunities
  • This process involves the rapid collation and analysis of secondary data and primary research, critically capturing insight from key opinion leaders. The outputs are tailored to match the needs of the client's overall evaluation and due diligence process
Assessment of Product Strength
  • Whilst a client may already have identified a market to be a commercially attractive target, there may still be the need to understand the 'strength' of a particular product profile:
    • How does the target product profile compare to the unmet needs in the market?
    • What level of differentiation would the product offer over the current and future competition?
  • Critically in this form of assessment, Globe:
    • Works with client teams to develop an evidence-based Target Product Profile
    • Uses interviews with key opinion leaders to gain insight into the competitiveness of the product profile