Trigeminal Neuralgia

Published: July 2015

The majority of R&D activity in the neuropathic pain field has been focused on a relatively small number of indications, including painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy and post-herpetic neuralgia.  Historically, trigeminal neuralgia appears to have been discounted as a target indication, given its relatively small target population combined with the entrenched position of carbamazepine as a highly effective front line treatment.

In contrast to these perceptions, this assessment identified high failure rates with carbamazepine over time, which results in a relatively sizeable ‘refractory’ population experiencing significant pain, with surgery remaining the only recommended option.  Trigeminal neuralgia possesses attractive commercial characteristics, and represents an interesting entry point into the broader pain market. 

This report provides an in-depth, assessment of the trigeminal neuralgia market based on detailed desk research as well as insight from 10 opinion-leading clinicians in the US and Europe.  It assesses the gaps arising from the current management approaches, provides a view of the target product profile required for a novel pain therapy, scopes the peak sales potential, and identifies the key risks and commercialisation challenges.  Overall, the report uncovers the scale of the opportunity in trigeminal neuralgia and the potential challenges in this field.

Reasons to buy this report include to:

  • Understand the current market structure and dynamics, including patient flow, treatment algorithms, and pricing and reimbursement considerations
  • Provide insight into the unmet needs and target profile required to be competitive in this indication
  • Understand the peak sales potential for a novel therapy
  • Gain awareness of the potential risks and challenges facing a new entrant

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