Future of Cancer Vaccines

Published: November 2014

Cancer vaccines have long been on the horizon as potentially a major new treatment paradigm, but the field has been littered with technical failures. Over the past 18 months, several high profile Phase III trials have failed to meet their primary endpoints. We are now entering a critical period as data is pending from further pivotal trials that could have an important role in shaping the future direction of this class. 

The Globe Extraordinary report, entitled ‘Future of Cancer Vaccines – An Analysis of Late-stage Products’, provides a view on the near-term impact of cancer vaccines and the expected future directions in this field, including their potential in combination therapy. This has been achieved by assessing 17 cancer vaccines in late-stage development, using detailed desk research and insights gained from interviews with 15 opinion-leading clinicians. The report individually evaluates the potential of each vaccine, identifies key risks and commercialisation issues and determines whether cancer vaccines will finally experience a breakthrough like the broader immuno-oncology field.

Some of the potential reasons to buy this report are for:

  1. Views on the future direction of cancer vaccines and their potential as part of combination regimens
  2. Awareness of potential risks and challenges facing commercialisation of cancer vaccines
  3. Identification of late-stage business development opportunities in the cancer vaccine field
  4. Analysis of the impact of cancer vaccines as potential future competitors
  5. Knowledge of the key upcoming milestones that could shape the future of the cancer vaccine field

Download our brochure for further information about the report, including sample pages and a list of the vaccines that were analysed.

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