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Bespoke Commercial Evaluation

Globe provide commercial evaluation services to help in the development and commercialisation of in vitro diagnostics. The company delivers in-depth, evidence-based analysis to assist clients in strategy development.

This involves

  • Detailed analysis of products, markets, and companies to unlock new insights
  • Cohesive integration of secondary analysis (desk research) with market research to fully understand issues
  • Strong interpretation – leveraging industry knowledge and experience – to draw conclusions and recommendations

Examples of the services we offer in this area include:

Commercial Evaluation of Development Projects
  • Globe works with its clients to assist in the commercial evaluation of tests in development
  • A broad review of secondary sources, coupled with very targeted interviews with relevant customers, are combined to provide an assessment of:
    • The strength of the proposition
    • The attractiveness of the target market
  • The output is a clear evaluation of the product's commercial potential, and key underlying risks
  • A consistent approach is applied to this analysis, to assist in cross-comparison, and therefore prioritisation
Competitor Analysis and Technology Landscaping
  • Globe works with clients on strategic assessments of competitors to:
    • Characterise the strategy of players in a given market
    • Profile new entrants through the development of 'forecast marketing plans'
  • The company also provides technology landscaping assessments that give a view of how a given diagnostics market will evolve over a five to ten year period, as a result of new product developments